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A new feature in Google Photos will help nurture screenshots faster

by Viral Blogy


Google Photos is an app by Google. You can store your photos and videos in this app. This app comes with a simple user interface, which is easy to use. Both th iOS and the Google Playstore is here from you can down load and use this app(Google Photos will help nurture screenshots faster).

You can also keep your photos and videos backed up in this app. According to the latest tech news, the new update of this app comes with a new layout and many more features. And it made this app easier to use for app users. This app automatically stores your photos and videos in separate albums like screenshots, camera photos, camera videos, etc.

Also, this app comes with an auto backup feature that can backup your photos, so if you delete your photo or video, you can access the deleted photos or videos anytime anywhere. You can find your photos and videos in just one tap.

New Update Details

Before the update, we had to open the app and search for the screenshot(Google Photos will help nurture screenshots faster) folder to view our captured screenshots, but now they introduced a new feature in the latest update of the app where users can easily access screenshots directly from their home screen without opening the application.

The new update was rolled out in July 2022, and the version is 5.97. Now the app is much easier to navigate through all of your folders in the gallery. Now it will show you the previous year’s memories on the same date automatically.

By pressing and holding the app icon, you can access a special menu where you can find the screenshot folder and free up the space option. Now the app will automatically recommend you remove unnecessary photos like bloody photos, duplicate photos, or miss-clicked photos(Google Photos will help nurture screenshots faster).

Viralblogy reviews say that the security version is improved to keep your file safe and secure. You can share photos with your friends easily now.

New features

Google Photos’ new feature has boosted the overall user experience. The interface is now much smoother and many more options are included to simplify it. Here are some of the new features that come with the new update.

Screenshot folder

By holding the app icon, you can access the screenshot folder. Also, you can access the screenshot folder directly from your home screen by making a few settings. And you can access the screenshot by order of time, which is automatically stored in the screenshot folder.

Storage cleaning

By using the free app storage option, you can delete unnecessary photos from your gallery. Now the app will recommend you delete blurred photos, duplicate photos, and miss-clicked photos. According to viralblogy reviews, this is the best feature in the latest update.

User interface

The best thing about the reason is the change of user interface. The interface is now more beautiful, decorated, and easy to use. For example, you can now zoom in and zoom out previews of photos by just pinching on the screen. You can now browse through categorized folders.

Auto backup

This is a very useful feature in the recent update. You can use it to recover your deleted photos and videos. By enabling this option, Google Photos automatically backs up photos and videos from your gallery.

So, if you accidentally deleted a photo or a video, you can easily recover it. It also allows you to transfer photos and videos anywhere in the original quality. This Google Photos new feature allows you to keep your photos and videos safe.

According to latest tech news Google has announced that the free unlimited cloud storage option in their apps will be discontinued. They said the limitation of 15 GB of cloud storage per user from now on If you run out of storage space, you must now purchase a Google cloud storage subscription

Download and review

Google Photos is one of the most popular apps in the world. It has over 500 cr downloads all over the world in the play store. 8 out of 10 people have this app installed on their smartphone. It has an excellent rating of 4.5 out of 5 based on 4.48 cr reviews. This app is available for download from the Google Play store for Android devices and the Apple App Store for iOS devices.

Computer version

Google Photos is also accessible on your computer. You can do everything on your computer with Google Photos, like downloading photos, sharing photos and videos, backing up photos and videos, freeing up storage space, etc. You can explore your old photos and videos on your computer.

A special feature called “face recognition” is available in the computer version. With this feature, the app can recognize faces in pictures and videos. The overall experience and the user interface of the computer version are also good and beautiful.

What you did not know Google photos can do

With the latest amount of development that is going on in the world’s leading software and tech giant at Google many of people are not even aware of some of the latest features that are there to use within the app.

In this section we will find out about some of them.

With the help of Google photos it is possible for you to find and search for people, places and objects.

With the help of Google photos now it is possible for you to group similar faces and tag them Google photos has got a seamless integration with other apps whereby it is possible for the users to get a backup of photos from other apps and so much more as we have told you above.


Google Photos’ overall experience is improving over time. At first, when the app was released, the user interface was very difficult to use. But by the time the updates came, many new features were included in the app, which is very useful to users. The ratings and reviews got better day by day as users started using Google Photos instead of using their old classic gallery app. By releasing the best updates on the app, Google has gained users’ trust. 4.4 star reviews aside, Google Photos is now the best multimedia organizing app in the world based on 4.50 crore reviews.

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