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All you need to know about Alexa

by Viral Blogy

Alexa (Amazon Alexa devices speaker) is an online digital voice assistant device that is becoming ever-present. It has an inbuilt AI and the device setup can be easily done in our homes. You also have an app using which you can control your device. It can also be set up in your car.           

The basic idea behind using the device is that if you have Alexa all setup and connected to the internet you just give simple voice commands or ask any question and receive responses.(Amazon Alexa devices speaker) Amazon Alexa’s latest model that is the Echo smart speaker comes with a lot of features and some of these can even surprise you. And in case you are wishing to buy this virtual voice assistant device online then in this Viralblogy article, we will provide you with all the details you need to know about its features.

First things first Understanding what your Alexa can do

Now that you have got an idea that this Alexa device of yours is a voice assistant you will want to know exactly what your device can help you with isn’t it.

Okay in this latest tech news article today we are going to find out about what your Alexa can do. And just for your reference since Alexa has a lot of models some of them are newly released in this article e are going to focus only on the latest Alexa device out on the market which is Amazon Echo.

Here is a list of what your smart AI voice assistant can do for you-

Play all radio stations

Stream music from online music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music

Play podcasts for you

Set timers and alarms

Get the latest news briefs

Ask any question on any topic

Control other smart devices connected to your home

Group up other smart devices so that they can all work together with a single command

Make calls to your phone contacts

Allows you to control your mat TV

According to data from the latest online surveys in this field, it has been found that Amazon Echo smart speakers are used by the user for listening to music on the online music platforms, setting up alarms and timers, asking any web-based factual questions, controlling other smart gadgets t your home such as lights, curtains and TVs, and making voice calls.

Remember that along with this you can also get data about news briefings, weather reports, live sports scores, and so on. It is indeed true that the Alexa features are versatile indeed. And guess what more and more features are being added to the device with each passing day. Oh, and did we just forget that if you have set up utility payments and added bank accounts with useful information. You can just give voice commands to pay all your various sorts of bills such as utility bills, insurance premiums, and so on.

Setting up your Alexa device at home

Now that you have come to know about the Amazon Alexa features. It is time for you to know about another most important thing. And that is after the Amazon Alexa device has been shipped to your home. You will have to begin the setup for your voice assistant.

But don’t worry, setting up your own Alexa device is simple enough and it can be done in a few simple steps.

The first thing for you to do is to download the Amazon Alexa app on the Google Playstore and iOS store. Of course, the next thing is to either register yourself. That is creating an account on Amazon, or else if you have one then you need to use that id.   

 And in case you are a Prime or an ordinary user of Amazon it will be your default log-in id.

Now once you open the app using the Amazon login id and password. You will need to go to the more option. Go to the option add a device and choose accurately the device model name.

And once this is done you will need to just plug in your device and it is pretty much good to go. Now, wait till the light turns orange indicating that it needs a wifi connection. Enter the wifi password into the Amazon Alexa app (Amazon Alexa devices speaker)and the device will be connected automatically. Once this is done just say Alex and you are good to go.

What are some of the best skills that Alexa has?

Alexa features are versatile. In this article w r going to share with you some of the best skills. That your latest smart voice assistant AI has. According to the latest tech news here are some of the best skills that Alexa has-


You can just ask “Alexa ask Amazon Storytime to read me a story” and you will b narrate an entire story. Remember that the stories are meant for kids and are randomly chosen from Amazon rapids, the app library, and Audible.

BBC News

You will be able to get all the latest news briefs from BBC news. All you have to ask is ‘Alexa what is my flash briefing?’

Playing ambient sounds

If you wish to hear soothing music or then you can just say ‘Alexa play ambient sounds and you will be able to hear the various ambient sounds.

Merging voice commands with Alexa

According to Viralblogy your Alexa device has this routine feature. That allows you to merge many commands with a single command. As you can understand that this is customizable from one user to another.

Just go to the Routine feature on the Amazon Alexa settings app and you will be able to create your customizable routine.

For example, if you just say ‘Alexa it bed time’ then you’re smart lights will be dimmed, the curtains pulled down, and even turn off the TV.

Alexa whispering mode option

In case you are using Alexa at night and don’t want Alexa to speak up in full volume then you can turn on the Alexa whisper mode. All you need to say is ‘Alexa turn on the whisper mode.

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