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Top 5 Best DTH connections In India available for you

by Viral Blogy

TV is one of the prime entertainment modes these days. And the world of TV and visual communication is changing the recent times. Entertainment these days is playing an important role in and for this, customers these days demand uninterrupted facilities. We are providing information Top 5 Best DTH connections In India.           

The recent advanced technology for providing TV signals right at your home is based on DTH technology.

DTH is the technology that refers to direct to home and this means with the help of a telecommunications provider TV signals are being sent to your home directly. With this mode of TV communication now you don’t need an intermediary such as a local cable network provider.

In this latest tech news article we shall be discussing some of the best DTH connections that you can enjoy at your home. In this article, we shall check out the features too.

The top DTH connection in India provides you with live feed results, and thousands of channels and other services as e shall soon find out.

According to Viralblogy, all you need to have an installation at your home is a DTH antenna, and a set-top box. The type of set-top box you choose is based on what sort of package you will end up choosing.

With the inception of the DTH services, the demand for such connections has increased drastically. So in case you are also looking to set up a DTH connection at your home and provide complete entertainment for all your family members you need to find out which one of the DTH connections is best for you.

Dish TV

It is one of the oldest in fact the oldest DTH connection that was set up in India for the first time in 2003. It is one of the most highly demanding DTH connections in India. Being the first company to bring up DTH services and connections to India it had to face tremendous competition from the local and regional cable providers. But eventually, due to competitive pricing and packages with thousands of channels, it got the better hand out of the two.

According to the latest tech news you can get access to more than 300 channels. Along with this Dish TV also offers you to get combo packs depending on what types of the channel you want to view. Dish TV has got advanced features in it due to which parents can now lock the offensive and sexual content and block these channels. Check out the various price for its packages since it offers highly competitive pricing and affordable packages.

TATA sky

TATA sky is also one of the big players in India when it comes to the best DTH connections. Even though behemoth business conglomerate group TATA entered into this field of business later than Dish TV it still attracted subscribers for its various DTH connections easily. The reason for this is the versatile packages and unique combo channel package offering unique entertainment channels meant for all age groups and different family members.

Another reason for TATA Sky’s success is its huge marketing campaign due that tapped even the remote villages and districts. The good thing about Tata Sky is that you can access all types of local channels. TATA SKY offers more than 600 channels out of which you will get 99 HD channels. If you are from India and looking for the best DTH connection provider then you can choose TATA Sky since it offers 4K  set-top boxes. In India, it became the first DTH provider to provide video on-demand facilities. And thus if you avail such facilities in your package then you will be able to watch a movie almost any time.

Airtel DTH TV

Airtel Digital TV whose owner is Bharati Airtel another telecommunication provider behemoth. Bharati Airtel formed Airtel Digital and made its foray into the world of DTH content providers in late 2008.  And still went on to become one of the top DTH connection providers in India. If you are looking for a DTH content provider that provides high range definition and quality Viralblogy recommends. You to go with Airtel Digital TV. One o the most unique features that we like about Airtel Digital is that the set-top box provides content storage facilities. That you are not going to get with any of the other DTH connection providers. Now the company is also offering another high technically advanced Airtel XStream box that offers a range of services such as content on-demand, 4K ultra HD channels along with acting as a router for your home.

Videocon D2H

Videocon D2H is also one of India’s prime DTH connection providers. It has gained trust from millions of its subscriber base largely because of its inexpensive connection cost. Equipment such as set-top box along with unique combinations for providing multi-user entertainment services for the typical large joint Indian families.

Remember that now Videocon D2H is an affiliate of Dish TV. The two DTH connection providers partnered with each other in 2016. Videocon D2H provides easier connections within the same day itself. Taking connections is easier and also offers various packages at different costs. Top 5 Best DTH connections In India

Sun Direct

One of the not-so-popular DTH connection providers in India is Sun Direct. It has got a very deep penetration in the southern parts of India. In fact, in entire south India, the company almost has a monopoly business in providing DTH connections.

The quality of channels is really good and you can have channels of HD quality as well. Sun network is the owner of the Sun Direct content provider. The good thing about SunDirect is that it became the first DTH connection provider in India to distribute free boxes and charge a low and affordable monthly subscription basis.

Sun Direct started its services for DTH connections in 2007 and continues to be one of India’s top DTH connection providers. Most of its subscribers and userbase are based in the Southern part of India. Right now Sun direct has more than 6 million subscribers. Top 5 Best DTH connections In India

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The My Sports HD bundle from Airtel Digital TV is one of the greatest DTH plans on the market. The monthly cost is Rs 493. Customers will receive a total of 359 channels, including 46 HD channels, 76 popular channels, and the remaining SD channels.

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