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Best micro SD card available on the market

by Viral Blogy

Micro SD cards are required for all our gadgets. These days you will need to store a lot of multimedia items such as photos and videos. The internal memory size in your camera, mobile, laptop, tablet, or other gadgets may sometimes fall short and it is due to these that all gadgets these days come with micro SD slots in them(sd card ,memory card).

Now when you check out for the best micro SD card in the market you might come across a barrage of products.

In this latest tech news article we are going to find out about some of the best micro SD cards((sd card ,memory card)) for you to use.

Let us first begin with what you need to look for while buying a micro memory card. And then we will check out some of the best models of micro SD cards that you can buy for a range of gadgets.

What do you need to check for while buying a micro SD card?

To give you some basic ideas first of all you will need to check out if the micro SD card((sd card ,memory card)) is compatible with your gadget or not.

And then of course the other parameters to check out include the amount of storage and speed for data transfers.

Let’s get some more information in this Viralblogy article.

Compatibility of the micro SD card with the gadget

The simple step that you need to take here is to find out whether your gadget offers expandable memory as a feature. Most of the time the manufacturers of smart devices have come up with expandable memory in their gadgets but some smartphones or cameras may not offer this feature. Make sure to check out the information manual offered with the device and check out the features page.

Storage capacity

Now, the storage capacities for the micro SD cards can vary from 16GB to 1TB. Of course, it is tempting for most users to buy a micro USD card that offers maximum memory.    

But wait… are you sure that you need such a large external storage card? Of course, you will need to find out just how much external storage you need. Because according to the latest tech news the more the storage capacity the higher will be the price tag associated with the device.

Now, the other thing you will need to know here is to find out just how much extra storage space the micro USD slots give you. It is thus we recommend you check out the specs of your gadget. Sometimes the affordable models of smartphones or tablets may not offer more than 16 to 32 GB of memory. Along with this, you will need to find out how many slots your gadget has. The maximum limit even within the pricey gadgets is not more than two.


You will need to find out what is the writing speed on your best micro SD card. You will notice U and a number within the letter or alongside the letter. For example, if you find out that 10 is written alongside the letter U it shows that the minimum write speed is 10Mbps.

Video write speed

You will also find the letter V written on your micro SD card and a number alongside it. A V10 card indicates that the minimum video write speed for the device is 10Mbps. High-end micro SD cards can support high-end resolutions such as 4K, 8K, 3D, 360 degrees, and VR.

Read speed

Of course, when you are purchasing a micro SD card you will also need to know about the read speed available on your device. Now some of the older version cards might have a number with an X written alongside it.

For example, you might find a number written as 633X. This X stands for 150Kbps which was earlier used in CDs. So the 633X means a read speed of 95Mbps.

Best SD card for you to buy-

Scandisk Ultra

Scandisk is the first company to launch micro SD cards in the market. According to many user reviews and even expert ratings, it is one of the best SD cards for your smartphones.

The class 10 UHS 1 is the best card to use in case you are willing to boost your phone’s app performance too. The storage option includes 16GB or 32 GB that has transfer speeds of up to 98Mbps and the higher-end ones such as the 512 GB cards can provide up to 100Mbps speeds.

Samsung Evo Select

Samsung provides its range of best micro D cards starting from as small as 32 GB going all the way up to 512 GB.  These cards can offer data transfer speeds of up to 130Mbps. Its new range of cards comes with the A2 and V30 tag.  The good thing about using these SD cards is that they can record and store 4K videos. It can give you room for up to 30 hours of 4K video. According to the users, it is ideally suitable for all digital cameras.

Scandisk for Nintendo Switch

If you wish to store large games on your external SD card then this model for SD card developed by Scandisk comes with the Nintendo certification. You can also store high-end videos and screenshots. It offers to write speeds of up to 100Mbps. You never have to worry about running out of space on this SD card as versions of up to 512 GB are available here.

Verbatim Pro II Plus 1900X

Are you willing to shoot high-resolution videos with the help of your drone or camera? This card is a high-end advanced card that comes with the UHS-II technology and offers a red peed of up to 285Mbps. It also comes with a video speed of 90 Mbps which is the minimum write speed for the device. It might be compatible but in the high-end premium quality smartphones only.

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