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Top smartphones with RAM over 6GB

by Viral Blogy

In the 1990s when smartphones came to the market for the first time, it was a new thing that came to the market for the first time for common people.(Best 6GB RAM Mobile Phones In India) They were witnessing a new device with which we can talk with loved ones and was also portable enough to be carried anywhere. Because before this telephone was already there but the problem was portability you cannot carry the telephone wherever you want. At that time there was no concept of smartphones, it was only mobile phones through which you could only call. But as development and upgradation took place today, we are discussing smartphones that could perform multiple functions.

With today’s smartphones, you could do a video call, track your location and the phone will tell you the best way to reach a destination, book a train, movie, or air ticket, listen to a song or watch a full movie. These are just a few tasks which today’s mobile phones can perform; in some phones, you can get the features of a projector also. To perform all these functions, you need a high-capacity RAM (Random Access Memory) DDR4 such as 6GB. Gone are the days when 2GB and 4GB were enough to fulfill your desires. As new features are getting added multitasking requires a higher version of RAM.

Hence, if your current smartphone is years old and you are thinking of getting a new one then it is wise to consider Best 6GB RAM Mobile Phones In India. Or it would be very embarrassing when you are playing an online game with friends but you are unable to play smoothly because other friends have a 6 GB ram phone but you are carrying a 2GB ram phone. Many games on the play store are not even supported by a low ram smartphone. Hence, to save your time we at Virablogy have come up with a list of Android Best 6GB RAM Phone.


Well, IPHONE 13 PRO MAX surely deserves first place in the list of 6 GB RAM. No other mobile brand can match the fan following of IPHONE, its customers almost await with open arms for the new model to come. It’s like the first-day first show of a blockbuster movie. Its latest model has a 6GB RAM version, there is also an 8 GB RAM model available. But for normal users who do not just do official work and a little bit of entertainment 6GB RAM is more than enough. Whereas the internal storage variants are 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB, and 1 TB. Again, for usual office work and a mix of music and songs 6GB with 128 GB or 256 GB is the best.

This is because if you are an Apple fan then after 1 or 2 years you would be again buying the latest IPHONE by exchanging this one. So, what’s the point of buying the highest specification and investing such a huge sum.


As per the latest tech news POCO F4, 5G is just a few months old models. So you are getting almost a new model. The most popular variant of POCO F4 5G is 6GB RAM with 128 GB internal storage with pricing at 24K. For mid-range consumers who could not afford IPHONE POCO F4, 5G is definitely within their reach. The phone also houses a massive battery of 4500 mAh battery that will not let go of your enjoyment easily. Several phones support just one sim card as 5G but here both sim cards are 5G enabled.

The processor is Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 Octa-core which is currently the fastest one available in the market, read at Virablogy. Thus, your Best 6GB RAM Mobile Phones In India will be complemented with a fast processor giving you a real taste of what being smooth surfing really means. You can also get a no-cost EMI on several e-commerce platforms if you don’t want to have the full amount at a time.


The third one is the list is none other than ONEPLUS NORD CE. It is very much true nowadays that there are similar ONEPLUS fans to Apple. They also keep updating their phone with the latest ONEPLUS model. And in fact, in some features such as camera quality and smooth processing ONEPLUS has actually. Come at par with IPHONE when compared. So, the competition is getting tougher and everyone is coming up with upgrades to remain ahead in the market.

ONEPLUS NORD CE is a pure gaming phone with 6GB RAM. The highest level of RAM available is 12 GB along with 1 TB. The latest tech news at Virablogy says the most preferred variant is 6GB + 256 GB. Less than 256 you may run out of space quickly if you are more into taking pictures and videos. Because of the high memory size of a single selfie. As the quality keeps getting better so does its size.


Xiaomi or also known as Redmi has one model on this list, XIAOMI M1 11X. Best 6GB RAM Phone is just one of the benefits, 120 Hz refreshing rate, triple camera, and 4250 mAh battery with Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 G processor are several others that make XIAOMI M1 11X a contender for people looking for 6GB RAM. There is also an 8GB RAM variant available if you have even a higher requirement. The highest storage option available is 256 GB as given in the latest tech news, but the most preferred is 6GB with 128 GB.


This phone is the one that must be on your list if you are looking for a high-battery phone along with 6GB RAM. To your surprise SAMSUNG GALAXY F62 has a mammoth 7000 mAh. This is enough for 2 to 3 days if you don’t use the phone for intense gaming. For the official purposes and a few hours of movies and songs. This would last for 2 to 3 days easily. The 25W charger is enough to recharge the battery within 1 hour with fast charging. Among the Android phones with 6GB RAM SAMSUNG GALAXY F62. Definitely stands out with its attractive battery due to which it’s a little heavy.

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