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What is the difference between Google pay and Google wallet

by Viral Blogy


Google is regularly producing payment applications, payment processing environments, and technology products. All of these enable businesses the ability to offer online services that are more convenient and efficient for both the consumer and business.

 Thanks to Google Pay, it’s easy to automate sales floor processes, RFQ supports, and product screen changes on Google Play & Play Music sites directly on a user’s mobile device or in a native app(difference between Google Pay and Google Wallet).

About Google Pay:

This new service is simple, secure, and available on most mobile devices. Google Pay uses a variety of features to make payments easier than ever before. Users can store gift card information from major retailers, pay directly from their bank account or credit card, or use previously saved loyalty rewards points for in-app purchases.

With so many different payment options available today, it’s no surprise that consumers are becoming increasingly digital when making purchases. According to Viralblogy reviews, mobile payments are on the rise with an expected 200% increase by 2021.

About Google Wallet:

Google Wallet is a new way to pay for things and a whole lot more using your Smartphone. Here’s how it works. Viralblogy article says that Google Wallet stores digital versions of your credit cards on your phone.

When you go to check out, you can use Google Wallet when you’re ready to pay. Place your phone near the payment terminal. An inch or two is good. Or go ahead and tap it. Google Wallet starts automatically when it senses the terminal.

Enter your Pin code and tap again to send your credit card information to the merchant.  That’s it. You’ve just paid. Of course, security is a big part of Google Wallet. It only works when your phone’s screen is on. And to pay for something, you have to enter a pin code first.

There’s more to Google Wallet than just paying for stuff. Imagine the things in your real wallet coupons, reward cards, gift cards, receipts, and even boarding passes all stored in your Google Wallet.


Google, earlier this month, announced the launch of a New Google Wallet for storing student ID, transit tickets, vaccine cards, credit cards, and debit cards. At an event, Google revealed that they will soon release the Google Wallet app. Additionally, the company announced that Wallet, where users will be able to check the balance of transit passes and top up within Google Maps.

But Google has already launched a similar working app called Google pay or Gpay. This has created confusion among users, many of whom are wondering if Google has rebranded Google Pay as Google Wallet, or if Google Wallet is a separate service. So let’s understand the exact difference between the two Apps. What are the odds between Google Wallet and Google Pay?

 On a basis of past Viralblogy articles when Google Wallet first debuted in 2011, it stated that users would be able to store credit cards, offers, loyalty cards, and gift cards in the wallet. But the intention was that customers would be able to keep items like boarding passes, tickets, IDs, and keys in Google Wallet for the future, which is already possible with Google Wallet.

Google Pay was essentially an advancement over Google Wallet in that it allowed users to make payments from any Android device. It was also simpler to use because consumers didn’t have to download separate software for that. Instead of discontinuing Google Wallet, the firm has evolved into a peer-to-peer payments platform. All of their digital payments, IDs, and cards are managed through a service that is only one.

When it will be available in India:

According to the latest tech news, Google has confirmed that New Google Wallet will be available in India soon with GPay as the default payment option.

They said they will keep developing this app as a companion app so you can do things like send or receive money from friends or businesses, discover items from your favorite stores, and monitor your transactions. In 2018, Google combined Google Pay and Google Wallet into a single app called Google Pay.

As a result, Google Pay not only supports in-store contactless payments but also peer-to-peer and internet transactions. Google Pay has taken over Google Wallet’s role in storing event tickets.

Some more online payment apps:

You have a digital wallet with all your payment apps conveniently linked to it. Now you can pay for just about anything with the touch of a button or swipe of your finger! What could be easier?

which app should you use? Are there different pros and cons to each app? Which one is suitable for your needs?

Where do you sign up for the one that’s right for you? Read on to find out more about today’s hottest payment apps and how they will make your life easier.

  1. Apple Pay is only for iOS devices
  2. Samsung Pay is only for Android users
  3. PayPal globally available
  4. Amazon Payments: A Solid Option for Shopping and More.


According to the latest tech news, the whole world is turning towards the online payment method. It is not possible to carry your cash or cards everywhere. You can save your cards on an online payment app and use them as you need.

You can also link your bank account with these types of apps to make payments easily anywhere, anytime. Furthermore, by making payments through these apps, you can receive numerous benefits, such as cashback and discounts on other apps.

We can say that the online payment method has already changed our habit of carrying cash or credit cards with us. People who do not believe in cashless transactions are using online payment applications now.

Online payment apps have already gained our trust by providing good services to us. Billions of people have already downloaded cashless transaction apps on their mobiles and billions of people have already given ratings and reviews on this type of app.

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