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How Gesture navigation has eased activities on Android devices

by Viral Blogy

Well, here lots of people become confused about the Gesture navigation in Android. Though it is a common factor for these people because everyone has not been able to know or has knowledge enough about the all technical functions of android phone according to the present survey of the Latest Tech News. In fact maximum people do not know the all functions even. So, it is a big trouble but there is some knowledge you can gain from here. After that you can visit the Viralblogy web siteto gain more knowledge. It means all types of features and others urgent apps using also you would come to know.

Some tricks you should know for how has Gesture navigation eased activities on Android devices?

Probably, you all do not know that Google (search Engine optimization) has taken some very necessary and serious steps about the android navigation and as a result their team who are experts about this matter had been researching for long time to give an easy process about the Gesture navigation in Android and it was and present time it is urgently need to the common people who use android phone.

Google expert team and their research:

Therefore, they tried to apply it first in the model of android 9, then android 10 to grow up some new features to make it easy.  Ultimately, Google team expert team members have become success in the newest version of several kinds of gesture and its model with the version of Android 11, and Android 12, and they are going ahead.

Solving the problem through the new features of Google’s assistance

Therefore, not only you but also any one can become mentally angry or irritated when same function has to do again and again in your android phone. Especially when you are trying to consider the INS or outs as per the situation from your android phones unveil navigation system. So, Google has brought some features by which you can solve the problem easily by processing the Gesture navigation in Android.

Have a glance about some more gesture tips of Android phones

Hence, one thing you must remember that these kinds of all related tricks have been using by Google’s present gesture navigation in android and also these are mostly applicable for the latest version of android such as android 10 or android 11 also. As per the Latest Tech News people can understand (who are using android version 10, 11 etc.) or identify by the sleazy or thin butt or line. Whatever you must remember that it would not show on the pill button as well as it would not show up in another icon which may stay at the bottom of the so called screen.

Adjust your systems or android phone’s setting  

If you are being able to adjust your phone setting by the sudden way then you can get this latest standard facility. Then you have to search the setting option where you would get “navigation” but again remember. That you have to get the latest android version phone which Google’s gesture navigation in android technology can be applicable. Anyway, you may get the option like “System Navigation” where Samsung android can show “Navigation Type” option. No matter ultimately these all are equally going to the same path.  

Some more processes to get the facility more easily to your android phone:

First of all, you can face problem when you find out the gesture to open any drawer-style system in the apps. These things can be shown in the Google or Gmail drive.  Though at the present Google has changed its style or menu to make it easy and people would not be confused to see these apps in the shape of that kind of menu. Whatever there is a problem also here such as this is inconsistent, clunky, and normally very unpredictable to depend on. Apart from this trouble, system setting and the adjustment of this, sometimes make common people confused as well as puzzled.

Try to find out the best solution

Anybody out of you when will be going to open any types of app’s system drawer, try to swipe the download from the left side of that android phone’s screen. However you should try to make it 45 to 48 degree of angle. Therefore it will be beneficial to maintain the horizontal metrical line.

Another option you can try

Thereafter the android mobile operator can swipe this from lest side also of his or her android new version phone’s screen but that you have to do with your two fingers simultaneously to get open any app promptly at all time.  In fact, you can grab simultaneously 3 lines to enter the menu and open the apps very quickly.

You know it or may not that Assistant-opening command of Google, itself set up the gesture of different latest android phones, as per the Latest Tech News. Most importantly its system can do work in any where because of its operating system is too good. In fact it will provide you the most relaxation about your android home screen as well as you can open any app easily. Whatever, as per the professionals’ opinion it works 2 ways such as lower-left corner of your android phone screen as well as lower-right corner also.

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