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How to change WhatsApp storage to external SD card

by Viral Blogy

Internal storage taken up by WhatsApp

WhatsApp automatically takes up a minimum space from the internal storage for the app to work. The extra space is used by the media document and links that are sent on WhatsApp or received on WhatsApp stop the automatically gets stored in your internal memory. Android phones how’s a limited internal memory which supports the working of the system and other applications on your mobile phone.  Heads for people who have heavy transaction of media files it is necessary to change WhatsApp storage to SD card.

What happens if internal storage is used by WhatsApp?

If someone has recently downloaded WhatsApp or have started using WhatsApp on a daily basis then for them it might be comfortable to half their media and documents stored in their internal storage of their Android phones because they are lesser in number. When someone has used WhatsApp and share a lot of media files then it is difficult for them to store so much of data on the internal storage. Storing too much of data on the internal storage lags the working of the mobile phone.

Is it necessary to change WhatsApp storage to SD card?

Viralblogy tells it is necessary to change the WhatsApp storage to SD card to save the mobile phone from working. An external SD card is and external storage to the Android phone without causing any hindrance to the systems normal working. The latest tech news tells us that SD card are available with different storage capacity starting from 2 GB 8 GB 10 GB 64 GB up to 128 GB as well.   SD card with this much capacity and easily store the media files and when full can easily be replaced by another one.

What is the first step to make SD card the default folder?

First step to change the WhatsApp storage to SD card is to download the apps like XinternalSD or folder mount. XInternalSD is that is advised to be downloaded as it is free of malware and viruses. It comes from an authorized production and hardly requires any important permission from your phone. After downloading the app one can follow the director steps to change the storage.

What is the second step play in changing the storage location?

The immediate step after downloading the app from Google store or play store is to open the user interface of the downloaded app. As soon as reopen the interface of the app, here XinternalSD Drop down menu of settings appear giving options from path change, options that would it apply to all other apps on the phone or for apps that would be downloaded on the Android phone in future times. Viralblogy tells that Option is also given for disabling certain apps to change location and certain by default and inbuilt system apps can also be play transported to a different location via this app.

Which option is to be selected from the drop down menu?

The path needs to be changed from internal storage of the Android phone to external SD card. Hence the option which tells path to external SD card is to be selected from the drop down menu. Every app has their own set of naming pattern for such action. Generally names like path to external SD card or change location to SD card appear on the play app according to the latest tech news.

What is the step after this?

After you select the option to change the path from internal storage to external SD card another drop down menu appears. With the name of all the apps that are installed on your Android mobile phone. According to viralblogy you can either select one particular app in this case WhatsApp or you can select other apps to change its default storage to external SD card.

What are the other requirements to complete this process?

The successive step to complete this process is to copy the WhatsApp. Or in the prior step and copy it on the external SD card folder. Copying WhatsApp is not separately needed just by selecting the app the WhatsApp automatically gets copied. One just has to click OK or copy option from the drop down menu. And or decision box appeals where you can select and paste WhatsApp and click OK.

Is it necessary to remove WhatsApp folder from internal storage?

After the above steps are followed play the last and the most important step to free. Your internal storage of your Android phone is to remove the WhatsApp app from your internal storage folder. If one does not remove or delete WhatsApp from internal storage folder then the media files. That will be further sent on WhatsApp will get stored on both internal storage and external storage. Require unnecessary space as stated according to the latest tech news.

Does these steps work in actually changing the storage location?

To see if after following all the above steps just as stated. If the storage location has changed from internal storage to external SD card one. Can see where the future WhatsApp media files are getting stored. You can easily send a media via WhatsApp on your Android phone or request someone else to do so and download it. After downloading it, do in certain cases downloading it separately or manually is not required. It is done automatically, one can see where the media file is stored. The media file will get stored on the external SD card.

Can this process be done on a computer?

WhatsApp storage to SD card can be changed on a computer as well. But in this case one will just need and external device and USB cable. Other steps are just the same. It is also necessary for the computers fair working and faster working. And performing of tasks to free its internal storage from media files.

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