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How to Right-Click on a Chromebook?

by Viral Blogy

Are you a Chromebook user? Well, if yes, then if are using a Chromebook as a new user switching from ordinary laptops one of the things that you must have noticed is the fact that there are no buttons below the touchpad.

Now, this can be a tricky part for most users as they are all first-time new Chromebook users. How do you do simple functions such as the right click on the Chromebook? Well, if you wondering about the same question then in this article we will provide you with enough information.

You see Chromebooks are normal laptops but they have been designed to run faster and smoother. They run on the Chrome OS rather than the normal Windows OS.  Along with this users can make use of the Google store cloud technology as well as the numerous advanced security and anonymity features of the Chromebook.

We will find out more interesting things about Chromebooks in this article later on in this Viralblogy article but for now, we will find out the question that you have been pondering a lot and that is how to enable the right-click on your Chromebook.

Enabling the right click on your Chromebook

Generally, the Windows laptops of any common and leading brand will have a touchpad is common in all laptops. And just beneath the touchpads are two press buttons one for the left click that allows you to easily select any file, folder, or icon, and the other press button that is for the left click.

So in case you are to open a folder using a right click then you can simply press the right click button and then press the Open option using the left click or the touchpad to open the file or folder.

But what to do in Chromebook? Well, the latest Chromebook features make the buttons absent from beneath the touchpad. You will not find the two common press buttons beneath the touchpad.

The other thing is that on most of the occasions we use normal windows laptops. For, this large section of people who are switching from a Windows laptop to a Chromebook this adjustment can take some time even after you have learned how to enable and use the right click on your Chromebook.

Now, this might just make you wonder whether the right click on the Chromebooks even exists or not. Well, sure it does and we will tell you how to enable the right click on your Chromebook.

So let’s find out about it in the next section.

The alternative easier route- use a PC mouse

Well, for those of you who do not want to find out how to enable and use the right-click on a Chromebook and instead want a shortcut here is the trick. You see Chromebooks are just like normal laptops and they will just work well with a normal PC mouse.

Chromebooks have USB slots in them so the alternate thing that you can do is to buy a mouse and just plug it into one of the USB slots on your Chromebooks and Voila!!!

You have it, now using a normal mouse should not be a problem for most of us as we have used it before many times in our lives.

But an expert’s advice suggests that before going on for buying any mouse blindly you do some research and only choose a mouse that is compatible with the use of Chromebooks. Surely most of the common new models of mice are easily adaptable to running on Chromebooks with ease so that is not much of a problem.

Using the right-click on your Chromebook

First, things, if you check out the touchpad on your Chromebook it is enabled with the touch click feature so clicking the touchpad on an icon, file or folder will select it as is normal.

For enabling the right click on your Chromebook one thing that you can do is to tap but this time with two fingers at once. You need to tap with two fingers simultaneously on the touchpad and you should be able to see the right-click menu appear just like it does on normal Windows laptops.

Remember that you need to touch using both of your fingers just for an instant. If you hold longer then you may see the scroll functioning where you can scroll through the screen or a webpage. You see all Chromebooks are normally assigned with this feature.

How to enable the right click on your Chromebook?

Okay, now again for some of you guys, you might be experiencing the same problem and that is to adjust to your latest Chromebook features. You might be having a hard time adjusting as you keep forgetting the two-finger-tap method to enable the right click on your Chromebook.

So what to do? Is there any alternative to enable the right-click feature on your Chromebook?

Well according to the latest tech news, there surely is. All you need to do is just enable the right-click feature on your Chromebook.

Enabling the right-click feature on your Chromebook- the steps

First, go to the menu and then select the gear icon that resembles the setting option

Once the Settings window opens you will need to click on the Advanced Settings option.

Choose the Manage Accessibility Features option

 Here you will find Mouse and Touchpad options. Click on it and then select Open Mouse and Touchpad Device Settings

Click on the option Enable tap to Click

Now once you have completed the above-given set of steps there are two ways that you can use the right-click on your Chromebook.

Of course one of them is the above-given method of tapping with two fingers on any icon, file, or folder And the other one is to tap the touchpad when you have the Alt key pressed on your keypad. Surely this will enable you to see the common popup box that appears with the usual right-click option.

More about Chromebooks

Chromebooks are just like other traditional Windows laptops The only differentiating feature according to Viralblogy users is that unlike traditional laptops that all have the Microsoft Windows Os on them, on the Chromebooks you will have the Google OS. The latest versions of Chromebooks even have the latest version of Android installed on them.

Willing to Chromebook? Well, you must know the fact that normally Chromebooks are a lot cheaper than other laptops.

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