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Latest VIVO Android device with stunning features

by Viral Blogy

Vivo is one of the smartphone brands that have expanded significantly over the years. In both mid-range and premium sectors, there have been massive developments that the company has brought particularly keeping in mind the 5G future(Latest VIVO Features).

And certainly, come and this has made the company focus more on integrating software with hardware in a completely new are enhanced way.  This has been done with the introduction of Vivo V23 (Latest VIVO Features)phones by the company if we follow the latest tech news.

The new Android phone introduced by Vivo has been able to create a buzz in the tech industry and certainly more technology enthusiasts are wanting to get a hand on this phone.

Introduction of loads of new specifications contributing to the buzz around the latest Vivo V23 phone

There are loads of new features that the latest Android phone by Vivo has integrated which has been able to create so much buzz. Particularly in countries like India com aware the mid-range to the premium sector in the smartphone is growing significantly it has been able to catch attention.

According to Viralblogy, understanding what can be the main reasons behind this is simply hidden in the specifications of the phone(Latest VIVO Features). So if we discuss deeper into why the specifications this Vivo V23  phone has is so efficiently garnering the attention of tech enthusiast we would be able to understand how evil plans to dominate the market here.

Introduction of the world’s first selfie camera with real 50 mega pixel resolution

One of the key aspects of why the latest Vivo phone has been able to create a buzz is because of its dual front camera. In today’s generation, people are so obsessed with them that they always want to look at themselves. And certainly, comment this has been pivotal behind the growth of the selfie camera development. 

The latest Vivo device is incorporating two selfie cameras in it both of higher resolution. The primary selfie camera is 50MP with the secondary selfie camera possessing a good quality 8-megapixel camera. It has been given to provide a bokeh effect in the front camera as well. Which the company has been able to execute extremely well in the rear camera.

One of the great aspects of the buzz around the phone – its rear cameras

Another contributing reason behind the latest Vivo device getting so much attention is because its rear camera as well. Just like its predecessor, the new (Latest VIVO Features)Vivo V23 phones have been able to hold on to its great rear camera legacy stop with three cameras. The primary camera of 64 MP and the other two effect cameras of 8 MP and 2MP respectively. It has done the trick for the company.

The cameras are also loaded with cool new features with the introduction of AI. For the past two or three series that Vivo has launched. All of them have been able to incorporate these features. Also, the integration of the software with the hardware has potentially made. The cameras look brighter and clear even during the night. This has been one of the key features of the phone and certainly has garnered attention because of this.

Improved MediaTek processors enhancing the new phone to perform even better

The V series phones from Vivo have always been able to incorporate great processors. And this has been the case with the latest Vivo V23 phones as well.  The V 21 phone from Vivo had a MediaTek processor of 800 U. While the new V23 5G phone comes with 900U. Indicating that it would be able to execute more tasks without causing any forms of lagging. And this is something that the company has been focusing on for a while now by integrating more and more complicated processes. That would be able to execute a larger amount of tasks.

12GB ram in 256GB model a game changer for the latest vivo device

Another thing with the latest Vivo device isitsram. The 128GB model of the phone comes with 8GB of ram. Which is way more than enough of executing tasks at one go and even in that circumstance, the phone will not lag. However, this new phone has taken it to the next level with 12GB of ram coming. With the phones which have 256 GB of storage.

This is a beast amount of ram and you would be able to play games of high storage and high Internet. Consumption easily and even in that condition the phone will not lag. This has been one of the significant achievements that the smartphone development company has been able to achieve.

Inheriting its extremely immersing screen

Another great aspect of the latest phone is its screen. The resolution of the screen has increased significantly over the years when it comes to phone developments by Vivo. The new phone is inheriting its older screen resolution and also inheriting its OLED screen size.

With an AMOLED screen of 6.44 inches. The screen is quite big and would be able to provide an immersing experience when it comes to watching a video or movie on the phone. This has also been one of the major fan favourites about the phone according to the latest tech news.

What is one of the significant achievement of vivo over premium segment phones?

What Vivo has been significantly able to achieve. Is to offer all these features in the camera without charging much and this has been able to attract. The attention of many people all across the world.

Not only does this come out when premium segment phone manufacturers are even. Selling a charger separately with their new phones, but according to Viralblogy. The company never intends to do such things to the customer.


With the introduction of the 5G technology soon in other parts of the world. Including India, the phone is going to get further attention from people and would certainly be a game changer.

According to the latesttechnews. Vivo has already started to work on the newer generation of phones that could completely revolutionise this field and also provide its customer with all the things that it has been able to provide over the years.

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