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Latest WhatsApp feature you hardly know about

by Viral Blogy

Every application is its utility software, gaming or entertainment purposes periodically comes with updates. Most of the time updates are mostly about removing bugs, whereas major changes in the application happen seldom. When a major update comes and we do it, the major new features are highlighted in the notification. And we believe that that is the only new thing in the update. But that is not the truth, in fact, there are many hidden upgrades that are not even mentioned in the notification for the update. It can be a minor change in the menu, the look or any aspect. Latest WhatsApp features

This same theory is applicable to WhatsApp also. Now and then updates on WhatsApp come and go and people don’t even realize it. This is because many users have auto-update set by default in Google Play Store or Apple Store. Hence, they are not even aware of the update on WhatsApp or any application. Sometimes those unknown features are of more use than highlighted features. Hence, the knowledge of the latest tech news at Viralblogy and its updates is very much important in today’s times.

For instance, someone sent you a recently added sticker or emoji on WhatsApp. But you have the older version of WhatsApp due to which you couldn’t view it. And the relevance of WhatsApp in current times is not unknown, it is like the lifeline of billions of people. Be it for business purposes, personal messages, sharing documents, images, videos, live location, links and even sending money in the latest update. A single application serves all these mentioned purposes with ease. So, it is very unlikely that there could be a reader at Virablogy who does not use WhatsApp. Hence, this article has a universal appeal so share it with people who are still unaware of Latest WhatsApp features.

Get shortcuts for chats

Many people complain that there are too many active conversations and out of which the important contacts or groups shift downwards. After which it takes time to find the contact or group and reply. If it is a personal chat then no problem but delaying the chat for professional or business groups could be considered unprofessional. The easiest way to make that group or contact outstanding among the rest is by creating a shortcut. By long-pressing on the group or contact, you can create a makeshift shortcut. So, from now on when you open WhatsApp just click on that shortcut and the chat of that group of contact will open. No need to scroll downwards to look for that contact or group.

For busy people with several clients messaging day in and day out this feature is very useful and it saves a lot of time. Many people are unaware of this feature and are busy improving their typing skills.


There is not a direct incognito mode in WhatsApp, but the purpose of it is fulfilled by the latest tech news feature in WhatsApp known as Reading receipts. Usually when you message someone, and if the other person has seen it then you would get a blue tick on that message. This is when the read receipt is switched on by default. But when you switch the read receipt on, the other person would not know whether you saw the message or not. This latest tech news is of great importance for people who want extreme privacy. But remember one thing that still the other person will know when you are online.

In this circumstance the status which you put; you wouldn’t be able to know which people viewed the status. On the other hand, if you view other people’s status, they wouldn’t find your name in the list of people who viewed their status. So, it works vice-versa.

Sending invites to someone secretly

Suppose there is a situation where you need to send someone a link so that he/she can join the group. Now, in a group, if you send someone a link then every member in the group might know that it is you that has brought him or her to the group. Now, you know how today’s people make up unreal stories just based on assumptions. So, it is better to use this Latest WhatsApp features. Where you can send invites to someone without the other members of the group knowing about it.

To do this, enter the group where you want to invite that person. Then press on “Invite” button. You would now get an option of a private link. Send this private link to the desired person to join the group.

Back up Chats

Backing up chats is necessary if they are useful ones such as those related to work at Virablogy. Even if you change the phone but if chats are backed up then you could get back all your photos, videos, files and messages intact. In many phones, the backup of chats is switched off or selected “never”. Go to the settings and select ‘Chats’. Choose backup and selected the number of days on which you would like to back up. For instance, daily, once a week, monthly etc. Select where you would like to back up the essential data, in Google Drive or iCloud.

You can even select the Gmail account to which the Google Drive is linked and where the backup is said to be done. Some people try not to back up due to the fear of getting leaked but it seldom happens.

Disappearing messages

This seems quite magic but there is a Latest WhatsApp features through which you can make your messages disappear after some time. If the other person does not read the message within that time, he/she can no longer view it. Not just the message but the files you send can also be made to disappear just after viewing it for the first time. This is helpful in case the photo is confidential and you don’t want the other person to save it in his/her gallery.

There is an extension of this feature where every message sent to you would be a disappearing message. So, after a fixed time the message sent to you would disappear. To use this, go to the privacy menu and turn the disappearing messages on. Select the time period as you wish.

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