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Top electrical brands you can rely upon for your house

by Viral Blogy

Before the advent of electricity(Top Electrical Companies), one could not think of being dependent on electricity. But in today’s times, it is almost impossible to not an hour without electricity, it seems as if the world has stopped for that much time. Today, every function of ours is dependent on electricity from fans to charging mobile, washing clothes, transport (electric vehicles), entertainment (TVs), even electric toothbrush nowadays and many other areas. None of these activities could proceed without electricity. Hence, besides interior designing electrical fittings of any house is a major activity that needs to be done with proper consultation.

And even more important is to choose a trusted and good electrical brand that will make sure you use all the top-notch equipment in your dream house. Low-quality components will lead to leakage of current and lead to short circuits quite often resulting in sufficient loss of both health and money. The list here will discuss some of the top electrical brands as per Latest Tech News that one can rely upon for their house. Some of the companies must be already known to you as the list contains some of the world’s biggest electrical brands but others may be a revelation for you.

ABB India Ltd

The name may be familiar to all those who have invested their money in equities as it is a listed and well-known multibagger that has multiplied their investments by many times. This shows in the first instance that there must be something good in this company that ABB India Ltd is considered a blue-chip company. ABB India Ltd is a subsidiary of the parent company ABB which is a Switzerland-based company. It has headquarters situated in Zurich; it was established in 1988. ABB does not make appliances like washing machines, refrigerators or Television instead it makes the major components like motors on which all these products run.

So, the companies making washing machines or fans use motors made of ABB. Similarly, it has other electrical products like Invertors to make sure you don’t run out of power at any time. Along with electrical items is heavily into robotics, and building infrastructure for electrical vehicles is currently the biggest trend majorly due to it being an alternative to using non-renewable sources of energy.

Bajaj Electricals Pvt Ltd

Here, we present you with another heavily electrical products manufacturing company with a million-dollar balance sheet. This company is all for people who are ready to fill their house with essential appliances. (Top Electrical Companies)Bajaj Electricals Pvt Ltd manufactures fans, mixer grinders, food processors, tube lights, LED bulbs, iron, cooler and others. Among the readers of Virablogy and most Asian countries, Bajaj Electricals has a considerable reach. Its products are seen with a sense of goodwill and a feeling customers feel that they are using a well-built product. It is an Indian electrical brand with headquarters in the financial capital of India, Mumbai. It is a more than a 50-year-old company with its foundation being laid by Kamalnayan Bajaj in 1938.

Bajaj Electricals Pvt Ltd has a subsidiary company known as Starlite Lighting which also is by the way an electrical company involved in the production of consumer durables, lamps, wires, switchboards etc. You can have a look at the details of the company in further detail at Viralblogy.

Crompton Greaves Consumer Electrical Ltd

Another top electrical brand to be featured in the list is Crompton Greaves Consumer Electrical. This is too listed on the Indian stock exchanges namely National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange. Crompton Greaves is a more than a century-old company dating back to 1878, its establishment year. The company is involved in the making and distribution of electrical appliances like fans, mixer grinders, iron, food processors etc. Apart from serving its domestic needs of Indians(Top Electrical Companies), Crompton Greaves is spread to 9 overseas locations majorly constituting in Asian countries.

The company has a very trusted consumer base due to its fruitful association with customers. Crompton is a brand that is familiar with trust among Indian households and people don’t even need to see any reviews for confirmation. To know about intricate details of specific products go to Viralblogy.

Exide Industries

Exide Industries is an Indian company that is involved in making electrical devices. It is most famed worldwide for its batteries and is popularly known as Exide Batteries. In the era of electrical vehicles when it would become a normal item. Exide Industries is one company from India. That can play a major role in developing lithium-ion batteries that are the main component of an electric car. Currently, India is only the importer of lithium-ion batteries but with indigenous companies coming. Into this area and developing sufficient infrastructure it could boost our presence.

Exide Industries has its headquarters in the cultural capital of India, Kolkata, West Bengal. It was established in 1947 also the year of Indian Independence so it’s 75 years. It is a blue-chip company and has a monopoly in the battery segment.

Finolex Cables

Earlier told you that this list will contain the name of brands that you already know. And Finolex Cables is definitely among the top electrical brands that you already know because of its super-efficient products. As you can guess from the name that it cables, it is in fact the forte of Finolex Cables. Most of the builders have a contract with Finolex Cables stating that it would supply all the wiring and electrical components for all the apartments. It was the year 1958 when the seed of Finolex Cables was laid in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Its product portfolio contains homemade wires, telephone wires, switches, switchboards, PVC sheets, anti-flame wires and many others.

You can get order its products from its official website as well or get them directly from nearby dealers. Every product of Finolex is covered under a warranty that assures its customers of returning faulty ones within time. You need to verify the warranty either online or keep the warranty card.

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