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Top OTT apps you should subscribe to soon (Top 5 OTT platforms in India)

by Viral Blogy

Gone are the days when to watch online content you will need to be restricted to your television. OR use only the broadcasting networks over a limited time. In today’s world, we are living in a world that is dominated by the internet. Top 5 OTT platforms in India

You need to have internet-activated services to watch content online from a streaming platform these days. If you have a smart TV at home then you can enjoy a host of online content such as web series, movies, and others online through these platforms.

It is not that you need to buy a smart TV in case you don’t have one but you can also watch. Such content if just have a smartphone which we think you surely have. All you need to do is to visit the Google Playstore or iStore on your Apple device and then find out the best OTT app of your choice. Before we begin we would like you to know some basic information that you need to know about an OTT platform.

Understanding the basic things about OTT platforms

OTT platforms or over-the-top platforms are the apps that are on the verge of becoming. The new source of providing entertainment in recent times. According to Viralblogy, the basic definition of an OTT platform. Is one that makes use of the internet to broadcast content via its apps.

Till the last decade, there were very few OTT platforms as the only source of entertainment. That we were restricted to was the use of cable TVs.

But the major problem with cable TV is that you don’t have an option to watch content s per your demands. You don’t have an option to revisit or watch the previous episodes. But with the emergency of best OTT apps (Top 5 OTT platforms in India) such as Apple TV+, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, Disney+ Hotstar, and so on.

Best OTT platforms in India-

Disney+ Hotstar

Disney+ Hotstar is an Indian internet video streaming provider. According to the latest tech news, it is also one of the top video content and streaming platforms around the world. Of course, it formed after the amalgamation of Hotstar in India along with Disney+.

It has two different types of plans such as the Super plan in which you will only be able to watch only domestic programs and web series along with enjoying sports.

Other than this, the other plan is Premium in which you will be able to watch international movies and web series around the world.  It has more than 300 million users of data for 2020. Along with this, it has 27 million paid subscribers. If you wish to become a paid subscriber of Disney+ Hotstar in India. Then you can get it at combined plans with any of the telecom companies such as Jio, Vodafone, and Airtel.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is an American OTT platform. The company Amazon Studios produces films and web series. According to Viralblogy subscribers, it is one of the best OTT apps (Top 5 OTT platforms in India) to be used. You can use this app for creating sports content etc.

The company was launched in 2016 and it has its headquarters in the us. Here the users will be given the option to enjoy movies. From both Hollywood and Bollywood and Amazon original shows if they are paid users of the OTT in India. It has seen record growth in sales since 2020. The pricing plans are also somewhat cheaper and surely it is well established. With the trust of a well-established company such as Amazon.


Netflix is yet another US-based OTT app that is headquartered in California in the US. Founded in the year 1997 it is one of the oldest streaming platforms according to Viralblogy. Starting in 2012 the company has been providing online content to its multinational customer base through its online library.

Netflix offers its users variable and flexible plans and all of them are economical and justified in terms of the services being provided under those plans. It provides you with various flexible plans such as mobile, basic, standard, and premium plans. It is available in English and a host of other Indian languages apart from supporting foreign languages such as Korean, Japanese, German, and so on. Viralblogy states that it offers unique and multiple genres of streaming content to satisfy the interest of all users.

Sony Liv

This is an Indian streaming content provider. The owner of the streaming services in India is Sony Pictures India Pvt. Ltd. Headquartered in Mumbai, it was founded in the year 2013. There are two basic plans under this content platform. If you go with the standard package then it does not come ad-free but if you choose to go with the premium plan option then you can run it ad-free. Sony Liv provides you with its subscription at very low prices according to the latest tech news.  (Top 5 OTT platforms in India) The paid plans of the content streaming platform are very economical too. Along with this, you will be able to use the platform in several different languages in India.

Apple TV+

Apple TV+ is an American content streaming platform operated. By consumer tech giant Apple Inc. It is involved in the business of producing films and TV serials in the form of web series with the help of its production company known as Apple Originals.

For accessing this app all you need to do is have an iPhone and use it for downloading the Apple TV app. And once you are done with it you can enjoy it on your smartphone or else on your smart TV as well. You can become a paid subscriber when you subscribe with the Apple one subscription. The content of the platform in terms of its audio and video quality is supported on a highly advanced platform. Such as Dolby Vision and Atmos. Appl TV+ has a huge customer base and its training services are available in more than 100 countries.  Apple never fails to surprise you and the latest tech news suggests that the company is now coming up with a new a-la-carte version to provide exclusive content for individual users in line with the preferences and choices of the user.

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