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Top YouTube video making apps for Android

by Viral Blogy

Are you willing to create and upload Youtube videos from your Android phone? If yes, then make sure to not skip out this article as here will provide you with the details of some of the best youtube video making apps that you can download and use on your smartphone(YouTube Video Editor App For Android).

If you check out the latest tech news, you actually have got a lot of choices that can make your decisions a bit more complex when it comes to choosing one among them all. With the help of these specialized video editor apps now you will be easily able to create and upload it on your Youtube channel pretty easily.

Top list of some of the best video editor apps for Youtube

Filmora Go

The number one spot on this lit belongs to the app known as Filmora Go(YouTube Video Editor App For Android). Right now it use is trending high among all the Youtubers. It has got more than a million users. Using this app allows you to get customized trimming, cutting, adding themes, music and a lot of othr interesting stuff for your Youtube videos.

The aspect ratio is good too. The app also allows users to find several purchase items inside the app. With this they might be able to unlock extra functions, themes, effects and other liabilities.  According to viralblogy some of the features that it allows are for professional video editing.


The Quik is the ideal video editing and creation platform not just for Youtube but for other video uploading platforms as well such as Tiktok and Instagram.

Quik is your best companion to provide you with simple videos in just a few clicks. What you can do is to just upload your favorite photo or video clip on the app and then allow Quik to create the magic. Within a few moments of uploading the video or the photo you will be able to create custom content on your own. Along with this, you will be able to   custom edit your story by inserting text and music along with it. According to ones who have used a lot of youtube video making apps nothing works as simple as a Quik.


Vivacut is (YouTube Video Editor App For Android)your choice in case if you are willing to edit and create professional videos and content. This app is one of the best video making platforms for Youtubers according to latest tech news that contains highly specialized features such as adding a multi-layer timeline and chroma features.

The good thing about using this software is that the same app can be used for creating videos for all platforms such as the Youtube, Instagram and other video platforms.  Some of the other features in the app includes collage tools, overlay tools, blending modes, slideshow and a lot of other interesting features.

Video Show

Some users say that this video editing and creation apps may not be the best choice for the professional Youtubers but it does have some features in it that can provide you with some very crisp and clean effects on your videos.

There are some of the most important tools in this app but alongside this you will also get access to a lot of fun tools as well. The most interesting feature about Videoshow is that it can provide you with a lot of filters to beautify your content. Another good thing is that using this app will easily allow you to compress your video size.

Power Director

This is one of the most detailed video editing and creating platforms for making Youtube videos. It has got several features in it that can allow you to make and edit your content professionally. It gives you access to more than 30 different style and effects. Alongside it you will also be able to transitions feature. All these features are available for you to use in the free version only.

But surely the paid version of the app can provide you with lots of other capabilities such a adding and removing watermarks, ads and even export videos in the 1080 pixel format and the 4k resolutions.

Kine Master

Kine master is one of the best apps according to viralblogy that you can us to create and edit youtube videos and that too from your phone only.    It has got all the basic standard options and features in it along with providing several other effects.

This app is ideal for the beginners and the intermediate level youtubers. The free feature makes it easier for you to make use of most of the features within its free version. 

Adobe Premier Clip

Adobe Prmier clip is one of the best youtube content creation platforms that you can use for creation and edition for all kinds. It allows you to create the content right form your smartphone within minutes.
According to viralblogy on of the cool features that you can use includes the Premier clip feature that allows for both cutting, trimming, adding more transitions, music, filters and a lot of other effects.

If you are frustrated of the ads shown on the video editing app you can try out this app. The good thing about using Adobe I that you will be able to upaload it right on your Youtube channel.


This is one of the high end professional tools that has been designed to give much more effects to your Youtub videos. Its interface is highly interactive and easy to use as for the most users. Along with this it comes with all the major procedures such as rotating, trimming, and other effects. The good part about using this app is that you will be able to create animated tests, create ovrlays and for producing cross-platform videos.


If you shoot your videos for Youtube at home then you can use the Magisto app              to upload the clips along with a soundtrack and then hit the processing button and let the app do its work. Within minutes the job will be done and you will be left with a unique video to upload it on your Youtube channel.

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