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Transformation of iOS till today

by Viral Blogy

Well, once upon a time, people even never thought about the touch screen smart phone where lots of features will be there. Till 2007 men used to with Nokia 1200 keypad phone which was really good and hardy but men could only do the calls and receive the call and its screen display was maximum 1.6 inch. These types of phones had no other features. On that time Motorola Q also had launched and it looked really nice. Therefore the set was thin and also looking very cool smart phone but it was also included with keyboard. So, you can understand that there were no Latest iOS phones (The advancement of the Apple iPhone – Viralblogy)on that time.

First iPhone in 2007

In fact, people even cannot imagine about the normal android smart phones where men can get different important facilities.  Anyway, it was the beginning time of telecom industries. The expert engineers had been started to work on iPhone and 2007 at last the world’s people got introduced with iPhone and that wonderful and excellent job had been done by Steve Jobs as per the (The advancement of the Apple iPhone – Viralblogy)Latest Tech News.

Revolution had come in telecom industry by Steve Jobs

He made a real history in the year of 2007 to introduce the all world’s men by Apple’s premier iPhone. Therefore, that model was really gained lot good and important features and its hardware was also good.  However it was really a new revolution in the mobile phone’s world as per the (The advancement of the Apple iPhone)Latest Tech News. Therefore, all men first introduced with its several features and they understood that what could be a mobile phone. Especially when talk about the iPhone. It was amazing but costly for people.

The latest version of iPhone has been started to come after 2007’s success and people’s acceptance:

There was no doubt that in 2007 men got surprised to get iPhone as well as the company made a good reputation, benefits as well as inspiration to make more update of iPhone.  It means the expert team members started to research about the more features which should be added because people need it. Therefore the both side will be benefited the customers who need more features and the company who need to grow up.

The original iPhone:

MarleyPug or Shutterstock:

However, the main or original iPhone was the first smart phone in the telecom industry which included some relevant features at the beginning stage, and these features are as an iPod (you can say it is as Apple’s most wanted media player), internet connection facilities and others features which were relevant of this iPhone device(The advancement of the Apple iPhone – Viralblogy).  


The main feature was multi-touching ability.

It had 3.5 inch screen display.

Its density was 320 x 480 pixels.

Men could on or off the phone with its side’s bottom.

It was full-touch screen device.  

It looked very lean and two types of shade were there one is black and another is gray.

On that time 2G networks was available with Wi-Fi facilities. Apart from these all features it had the normal features such as calling, talking, and text sending.  

People could take pictures through its rare camera feature; video shoot also could be done by this phone. These facilities made that iPhone more welcome to the men’s society. However its cost kept the company was $499 (4 GB) to $599 (for 8 GB).

iPhone 3G:

Thereafter according to the Latest Tech News, iPhone has been started to add more features and presentable to the common people who are expecting more urgent and important features. It indicates that men need and want Latest iOS phones by which they can do several other relevant activities which may be needed and urgent also. So, in the market there is a huge demand of newly featured iPhone. More information you can gain from the web site of Viralblogy.

Research was going on and still it is going on to improve the features of iPhone. So, almost within one year, this iPhone 3G had launched. Therefore, it was a polished version of the first launched iPhone with some better features.


The phone size was almost the same like the first phone generation.

More tapered were added of this new iPhone side and it makes the phone leaner.

Its processor was developed more than before.   

Back side of the phone men got a plastic crowned with the black colour and 3.5 inch screen display had got a glass by Apple.

It became more faster it started to take the 3G support of internet connection. It supported the GPS connection as well.   Therefore, its storage had become 16 GB and cost also remained within the budget of men.

Updating of features of iPhone has been going on:   

After that there are so many iPhone has been launched with its different features and now these are all available in the market almost and men can buy it within their budget.

Therefore, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 Series, iPhone 6 and 6 plus, iPhone 6S and 6S plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7 and 7 plus, iPhone 8 and 8 plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, iPhone 11 Series, iPhone 12 Series, iPhone 13 Series, these are the Latest iOS phones.

However, here all type of new and modern technology have been included and its feature area really excellent. The journey which started in 2007, now at this era it gives lots of new mode of features which people never imagined but it is now the reality and fact that these features are excellent and its RAM, screen size, internal Storage, Camera quality, screen display, sound system, and many more features have been developed as per the Latest Tech News.


Now as per people’s choice and monitory capacity men can buy the any Latest iOS phones. It depends to the needs of the men. As per their requirement of features, they can buy any latest iOS phone. Therefore before buying any iOS phone, you can visit the web site like Viralblogy. Here all types of relevant information you will get such as features of the iOS phones and what are the latest one as well as its review you can read.  You will come to know about the iOS phone’s cost or price and many more things.

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