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Hosting meetings on WhatsApp now becomes possible

by Viral Blogy

WhatsApp which is owned by Facebook has come up with a new interesting feature called the Call Link option (Hosting meetings on WhatsApp)for Android smartphone users. With the help of this feature, users will now be able to host and schedule a meeting and the corresponding link can be shared with other users from your chat list.

What is important to know about the new WhatsApp Call Link Function?

WhatsApp has come up with a feature that allows users to host a meeting and schedule it. Even the link to the meeting can now be shared with anyone on your contacts and chat list. Remember that as of now WhatApp has only come up with this feature for Android users. So in case if you own an iPhone you need to wait for this feature to be accessible on your phone.

Surely iPhone users who also be able to use this feature but as of now, the convenience has only been extended to Android tablets and smartphones.

Earlier, you could only use WhatsApp for video calling. Even WhatsApp had also introduced a group video calling feature that allowed more than one person to communicate via the video calling feature. But not being able to host live webinars and meetings was one of the major drawbacks. But surely this issue has now been overcome as well. Surely this new feature will provide WhatsApp users with a lot more benefits and convenience to host video conferences and meetings.

Who will be most benefitted from the WhatsApp Call Link feature option?

Well, anyone who uses WhatsApp will be benefitted using this latest feature. With the help of the Call Link, Function MNCs and organizations. Will be able to host meetings with their employees, managers, and bosses. Will be able to conduct meetings with their subordinates. And teachers and private tutors will be able to conduct classes online. You can also connect with your music class, cooking, or dance class online too.

Anyone who wants to host a meeting can now use this function which was earlier not accessible on WhatsApp.

How WhatsApp becomes superior to the other video-calling apps using this feature?

See, in today’s world, WhatsApp has largely become the medium of choice for communication. Whether that is through chat messages or video calling. WhatsApp is used globally with millions of users.

Earlier WhatsApp without this Call Link option(Hosting meetings on WhatsApp) was lagging in the online meet hosting feature. We could only access it through other apps such as Google Duo, Zoom, and Microsoft Meet option. But now given that you can host meetings as well through WhatsApp only surely the other video calling apps mentioned above will face stiff competition largely due to the wide popularity of WhatsApp.

Final thoughts

We have seen that during the Corona pandemic when mankind was shut behind. Their doors. There was a huge surge in the use of the video calling apps such as Google Duo, Meet, and Zoom. But we have learned the convenience and the usefulness of these apps and since then the use of these apps has only shown a rising trend. But WhatsApp’s latest feature of hosting meetings online surely gives users further convenience.

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