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Top wired earphones available online in India

by Viral Blogy

Despite the market for earpods and Bluetooth headphones rising in the market, wired headphones continue to be the best option and the most sold type of earphones in the market.

Of course, you can find these wired headphones coming in low and affordable charges. But the other factor why people end up preferring this type of headphone is that there is no need to charge the headphones nor do you need to need to have any Bluetooth connection to be able to listen to music and your favorite songs. The wired headphones have the best quality without a doubt too.

In this latest tech news article we are going to find out about the best-wired earphones that are available for sale online in India. In case you are willing to buy one of thee you can check out the latest options.

Shure Aonic 215

Shure may be an American company but its headphones have one of the best ratings and are available to buy online in India. If you want to buy a headphone that offers you value for your money then without doubt it is the best option that you can get. Of course, it is mostly suited for heavy music listeners.

The craft and the design of the headphone show that the developers have put in the hours. It has got a tiny nozzle that manages and takes care of the bass vibrations according to the latest tech news. The wire most importantly is highly durable and of high quality. One of the unique things about this wired headphone according to Viralblogy is that the cable can be detached from the earpiece body.


No doubt that when you are looking for any sort of audio gadget such as top wired headphones that JBL products can be left too far behind.

According to the user reviews about the headphone in the Viralblogy blog, they have commented on the headphone being highly durable and dependable with good audio quality. With the market price of the device being only around 700 rupees on the online websites it simply provides an outstanding value of money for its users.

The earbuds are of good quality and can provide high-quality audio without any loss of audio quality even over several years. This is one of the top wired headphones that come with noise cancellation quality.

Sennheiser CX 180

According to most of the user reviews about this wired headphone, the company has designed a headphone that comes with absolutely top-quality audio quality. The company even challenges its prospective customers to try out the wired headphone once and they will not want to use other ones later on.

The construction of the headphone is durable. Of course one of the downsides of using these headphones is that. The company does not give any warranty over its products. It does not cover any type of physical damage. The design quality of the headphone is really good. The headphones are unique and come in grey and black color variants. Check out Amazon and other online e-commerce portals and find out what discounts you can avail yourself of.      

Sony MDR- EX150AP

How can you not include one of the most trusted consumer electronics manufacturing. Behemoths like Sony not in the list of top wired headphones? The unique thing about using this wired headphone is that earbuds and especially. The nozzle can fit deep inside the ears and provides you with clean and crystal clear sound.

Of course, if you want to choose a dependable headphone. That will last for a long time you can go with the trust and reputation of Sony.

The design and build quality of the headphone is unique and robust at the same time. The sound quality is highly immersive too. Check out online e-commerce platforms and find out what discounts you can avail yourself of.

Realme Buds 2

When you go to online e-commerce platforms such as Amazon. You will find that Realme Buds 2 has got some of the best ratings of 4.3 out of 17 thousand plus customer ratings. You will instantly come to know that this is a durable headphone. That offers good audio quality along with reliable sound too.

Along with this, the good thing about using these headphones is that the prices have been kept within a reasonable range. Of course, this is true when you find out that the price for the headphone is less than 500 rupees. It comes made of high-quality durable plastic and the cable along with the ear pieces are embellished. 

Another super feature that you will find in the control panel is that it comes with three buttons. One of them is used for changing the volume whereas the other one is for a call. But the interesting thing about the headphone is the third button. That comes with the assistant and this is compatible with Google Assistant and Siri. The noise cancellation system on the headphone is pretty effective according to the latest tech news.

Boat Bassheads 152

The first thing that we would like to say about the headphone is the unique design according to Viralblogy. It is surely unlike most of the other headphones available on the market. The unique thing about the earpieces is that it comes with metal angles. The cushion pads fit in your ear easily and do not fall off easily.

The cable wire comes with braids on it and can easily sustain a few minor abrasions on it. Along with this, it comes with a low impedance that provides outstanding audio quality. The device is ideally tuned for providing high bass variance. This high range of bass variations can ideally fit in with most music and any tones of either high or low quality.

If you are willing to go for a headphone that comes with all features included in it such as an affordable price. Good sound quality, high bass range, and good durability then you must go for Boat.

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